The European Flag

The Council of Europe thanked the city of Neustadt in Holstein and the curatorship. In 1969 the European Flag was awarded to the city of Neustadt in Holstein. In the letter from the Council of Europe it says: “…the most distinctive parts of your application will be printed in a brochure which the Council of Europe is dedicating to the first award presentation. To show even more how the council admires and honours the noble and exemplary attitude which the city of Neustadt in Holstein has taken towards the European exchange, the committee has instructed me to express my warmest congratulations to you, Mr Mayor, your city council and to the citizens of your town. The Council of Europe thanks the city of Neustadt and the curatorship.”

Living European Flag

More than 2,000 residents of Neustadt have formed the worldwide largest living European Flag in the market place of the city of Neustadt to begin the ‘25th European Folklore Festival’ (2004). They wanted to express, that all Europeans are very welcome and how much they are looking forward to the upcoming festival.